Impacting Patient Experience and Compliance in the Healthcare Setting

Format: Half/Full Day Seminar or Breakout 

Every hospital is judged on patient satisfaction scores that are directly related to patients’ interactions with nurses, doctors, and triage professionals.

Most hospitals are looking to capture market share, and market share is often directly related to patient satisfaction.

The number one reason work teams fail is communications issues.

Because of today’s social media, a patient sharing a negative experience can blow up. If you are competing with other hospitals, bad reports can kill you.

A facility’s healthcare professionals are the front line. It’s important they stay inspired and motivated to help everyone involved, not just the patients. Over time, everyone can get worn down from the day-to-day work and need motivation.

So, imagine the difference once the staff is communicating effectively with patients and each other—all through training on persuasive communications:

  •  Morale is boosted,
  •  Productivity increases,
  •  Teams work together with ease, and
  •  Top talent can be attracted and retained.

Through Jeff’s emotional and powerful story of adopting a baby from Haiti during civil unrest and bureaucratic collapse, he helps healthcare professionals understand the greater good of their work—the butterfly effect. That single flap of a butterfly’s wing that eventually creates a powerful hurricane. Attendees leave inspired and motivated to continue their important work.

Jeff’s story just might be the silver bullet needed to get your HCAHPS score over the next threshold. Patient satisfaction is critical because hundreds of thousands in Medicare reimbursements are on the line with every point gained or lost.

What other healthcare professionals
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Everything You Need to Know to Close the Deal

Format: Half/Full Day Seminar or Breakout

Based on his new, best-selling book, “Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communications is the Only Force You Will Ever Need,” Jeff Tippett boldly declares that we live or die based on our ability to persuade others. No one understands this need more than people responsible for the sales goals of an organization.

Jeff shares all of these secrets within the framework of his emotional story of adopting his youngest daughter from Haiti. With several near-death experiences and failure compounding failure, he began a transformative journey of unmasking the keys to persuading others. And with the life of a precious baby on the line, Jeff quickly learned that success wasn’t built on his ability to complete a to-do list; victory is achieved by persuading others toward a common goal.

Understanding the necessary components of effective persuasion is crucial to success. Some have been trained in “sales” techniques that sound good–but they don’t work. And in reality, it’s not their fault; most training in persuasion is a gimmick or just a disguised form of manipulation. Manipulation never works in the bigger picture, and it doesn’t help develop long-term, loyal customers. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

So, what does it take to transform us into excellent persuasive communicators? It’s not as daunting as it seems. This high-energy, concept-rich program unpacks persuasion by exploring the following:

  •  How to simplify your message, so users understand and get on board
  •  How to help others find their win, so you win
  •  How to become a thought leader and industry expert to garner immediate credibility
  • How to accurately position your message, so people say ‘yes’ (loss aversion vs. prospect theory,     asking vs. guessing, emotion vs. logic)
  • Why a non-binary instead of a binary approach could be your missing ingredient
  • How to craft a call to action that users can’t resist

Jeff shares his personal story and what he learned to help others transform their lives, and show them how decisions they make can have a butterfly effect and impact the lives of many for the greater good.  


Why Are You Leaving Your Strongest Asset on the Table?

Format: Half Day Seminar or Breakout Volatile. Unpredictable. Unsure. You’ve probably heard people using these words when describing today’s political climate. In response to this unprecedented time, some groups are holding back in a ‘wait and see’ mode regarding their legislative action items. However, successful groups aren’t sitting still. Rather, they are evaluating the landscape and solidifying their legislative agendas–while engaging and growing their base of supporters. They are also finding success through their greatest asset: their people. Designed for government relations experts, association executives, elected officials, advocacy groups, and anyone needing to use public opinion to find policy success, the seminar expands thinking and offers actionable solutions. This seminar will explore the following:
  • How to craft persuasive messaging that engages and motivates supporters
  • How to build masses of people for winning strength
  • How to select the perfect tools—like online petitions, emails, town halls, social media, patch through calls, etc.—to bolster the campaign
  • How to integrate campaigns into existing communications channels for maximum power and results
Bonus: Did you know that facing a party of opposition could be one of your best opportunities for capacity building? We’ll unpack this truth in the seminar.

When Lobbying Fails

How Granny Flats Surprisingly Changed the Conversation

Format: Half Day Seminar or Breakout

Associations and organizations expend a lot of human and financial capital to influence elected officials to best serve their members. And while this is often a successful endeavor, sometimes, groups must face the fact that influence alone isn’t working, and that squandering valuable resources won’t yield better results. If so, what do you do to deploy the nuclear option?

Meet Granny Flats: A fictitious character that became the voice of reason, united constituents seeking change, and ultimately helped remove three incumbents, filled a vacant seat, re-elected endorsed candidates and even helped to elect a new mayor.

Seem too good to be true? This breakout / seminar walks through the case study of a campaign that has changed the political landscape in one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the nation – and the impact will likely last for a decade to come.

Attendees will leave this interactive, fun presentation with the following skills:

  • How to create campaigns that stand out, get noticed and create results
  • How to craft messaging and imagery that persuades, unifies and spurs action
  • How to communicate with voters effectively using the powerful cocktail of social media, traditional media, direct mail and targeted digital advertising.

While many conferences lack current, creative and impactful breakouts for government relations professionals, this breakout / seminar is sure to create buzz, interest and results for this important segment of associations and organizations.

Click here to buy a copy of my new book, Unleashing Your Superpower

Why persuasion communication if the only force you will ever need. 

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