Consider This:

62% of employees dislike their jobs because of communications issues.

Companies with poor communication practices are out performed by up to 3.5 times by companies investing in communications skills.

The number one reason teams fail is poor communication.

And at a personal level, the number one reason people divorce is because of communications issues.

So, imagine the change in productivity, effectiveness, and profits that can occur by helping people understand persuasive communications.

Award-winning author Brian Fetherstonhaugh, in speaking of the importance of transferable skills in today’s rapidly changing work environment while preparing for future trends, divulged this truth:

“Having strong and persuasive communications skills is an excellent trait for any job, whether you’re in sales or a political activist trying to win people over. No matter what, this is an essential skill for success.”
–The Long View

The keynotes and seminars below may be tailored to the specific needs of your audience. Regardless of the group, we all live or die based on our ability to persuade. And effective persuasive communications can transform individuals and organizations.

Unleashing Your Super Power

Why Persuasive Communication
Is the Only Force You Will Ever Need

Format: Keynote

Based on his new, best-selling book, “Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is The Only Force You Will Ever Need,” Jeff Tippett advocates that we live or die based on our ability to persuade others.  However, most people don’t understand the necessary components of effective persuasion and often end up just manipulating others or simply failing getting them onboard. With this presentation, I help your attendees unleash the superhero inside them. Your teams will learn performance strategies to help them succeed like The Avengers. All through persuasive communications.

Think about it: everyone needs to persuade. Whether you’re a CEO responsible to lead an organization and often navigate significant changes, a manager with direct responsibility for the performance of those you lead, a salesperson whose income is directly related to your ability to close the sale, or simply an individual hoping to live life with the company of a significant other—we all have to persuade. But how effective are you? And could you do a better job persuading and create better results for those around you?

So, how do you persuade them?

It’s not as daunting as it seems. This high-energy, concept-packed program unpacks persuasion by exploring the following:

  • — How to simplify your message so users understand and get on board
  • — How to help others find their win so you win
  • — How to become a thought leader and industry expert garnering immediate credibility
  • — How to properly position your message so people say yes  (loss aversion vs. prospect theory, asking vs. guessing, emotion vs. logic, persuasion vs. manipulation)
  • — How to craft a call to action that users can’t resist

Jeff unlocks all of these secrets within the framework of his emotional story of adopting his youngest daughter from Haiti. With several near death experiences and failure compounding failure, he began a transformative journey of unmasking the keys to persuading others. And these new skills were exhibited only after Jeff addressed the internal struggles holding him back. With the life of this baby on the line, Jeff quickly learned that success couldn’t be built on his ability to complete a to-do list; success was only found in persuading others toward a common goal.

Even with the adoption completed, this heartwarming story is far from ending. Time has yet to fully reveal the butterfly effect of how this life will touch others. And Jeff encourages attendees to be cognizant of the potential for greater good that occurs when we all successfully master the art and science of persuasive communication.

This keynote may be customized for the following audiences: healthcare/wellness, business, government relations, and others as needed.

Presidential Persuasion

The Future of Leadership in this New decade of
millennial ascendancy, automation and artificial intelligence

Format: Keynote

The new decade ahead brings equal amounts of excitement and uncertainty. For the first time ever, millennials will constitute the largest share of the workforce. Automation and artificial intelligence will become more prominent than ever. And many leaders are ill-equipped to understand these changes.

So, what if understanding the trajectory of the workforce has less to do with futurism or the façade of a crystal ball, and more to do with historical context? The American workforce has faced similar shifts throughout the past century. And, in each shift, one thing has remained constant and has given leadership success: A focus on valuing and leading people.

Presidential Persuasion equips emerging and current leaders, and even those at the pinnacle of their career, with tools to make them successful into the 2020s and beyond by exploring the following:

  • Confidence to lead in an uncertain and new decade by exploring the historical context
  • Concrete tools to lead, through the three P’s: Passion, Perspective and Persistence
  • Inspiration based on the leadership of some of the nation’s most courageous presidents

In a decade that appears to be focused on values external to actual people, this keynote helps leaders return their focus to the people that are around them and offers concrete tools to lead in gap areas – all while inspiring them to make the 2020s their best decade of leadership yet.

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Why persuasion communication if the only force you will ever need. 

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