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I help your attendees unleash their inner super hero. And teach teams performance strategies to win like the Avengers.
All through persuasive communication.
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Jeff's New Book: Unleashing Your Superpower
jeffTippett-UnleashingYourSuperPower Unleashing Your Superpower is a book you accidentally read in one sitting. Maybe you don't plan to, but by the time you realize it, you're twenty pages out and there's no putting it down.

Its allure, however, is not derived merely from being an authority or pundit on the point of persuasion -- it's found within the vulnerability of the persuader, the speaker, the author. Jeff Tippett's voice is direct and honest, and his message is clear: There's power in persuasion because there's power in connection - one is useless without the other.

This book will teach you about the intricacies of and nuances of persuasion not from a regurgitated point of view but through the perspective of personal experience - through the lens of a father, a victim, a human being who happens to be an astute observer of life.
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Jeff Tippett
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