Want to Improve your Mass Marketing Campaigns?


Want to improve your mass marketing campaigns?

This article is the first in a series to help empower you to find success in online marketing.

Who doesn’t want to improve the results of their email campaigns? We test subject lines, delivery times, click through rate — you name it. Yet we’re still not getting the improvements we desire. But what if there were different ways to improve? There are.

We all do it. You have to throw together an email campaign that’s going out to hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people. It’s tempting to find a one size fits all solution to this, but that’s the exact mindset that we need to get away from as marketers.

Across a couple of blog posts, I’m going to outline a few tips that can markedly improve the results of your email marketing campaigns. The first is simple: Stop writing to your list.

What do I mean by writing to your list?

When you craft your email message with the entire list in mind, it’s obvious to the recipients. In typing out the words of the campaign, are you conscious of the fact that it will be delivered to 10,000 people? And, because of that, are you writing it like you think a mass email would be written? Your audience knows when you’re writing to all of them; you want to write to one of them directly.

When you craft your email message with the entire list in mind, it’s obvious to the recipients…You want to write to one of them directly.

It’s not that you are bad at writing email campaigns, it’s that you’re too aware of the recipients as a mass of people. Instead, focus in on a single person that you have on your list. If you know some of the people personally, or at least can picture them and put a face to the name, pick that person.

You’ll quickly find that the prose comes more naturally. It allows you to transform your language from being stilted and abstract to warm and endearing.

This is all good and well, but why is it important? Why does writing to one person really matter?

For starters, it’s going to boost your numbers. Small tricks and techniques may have little impact in a single email, but taken across tens of thousands of emails, it’s the small things on the margins that can make the difference between closing a deal and never even getting a response.

It’s the small things on the margins that can make the difference between closing a deal and never even getting a response.

Think about it this way: If for every hundred emails you send, just one extra person replies because they felt like you were speaking directly to them, how much of a change would that be in your business? I know that for me, in the speaking business, every reply matters. Anything that I can do to ensure that those that I reach out to feel as if they are receiving personal attention is only going to boost my bottomline.

Writing to the individual instead of the giant list also focuses you on the importance of connecting to people on a human level. Too much of the interaction with others online feels disjointed and removed from reality. Emails, and email marketing, is especially prone to this. It feels like you’re talking back and forth with a robot instead of a real person.

That’s exactly why the human touch is essential in your email campaigns. It separates you from the boring emails every other person trying to market to the people on your list use — and the boring emails you used to send.



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