Victory by Association: Episode 7 | Divya Parekh

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Divya Parekh

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Well hello everyone, I’m Jeff Tippett! I’m grateful that you’ve joined us for today’s episode of Victory by Association. Get a free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial at With over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player, check out Audible.

I am so excited today to welcome our special guest: Divya. Divya, welcome to Victory by Association!

DP: Oh, it’s so wonderful to be here, Jeff. Thank you for inviting me.

JT: And we have a special connection here, I’ll toss that out. Divya’s someone I’ve had the opportunity to work with. And I know on podcasts, sometimes people say, hey, are they really the real deal or not? But Divya and I had a chance to work together launching my book and she did an amazing job helping me get to number 1 international best-seller. So Divya is the real deal and I’m so happy to have her on the show today.

DP: So glad to be here too because as you mentioned, there’s so many podcast hosts that I’ve been on and didn’t know them, but I have worked with you and folks, Jeff is amazing.

JT: Well thanks for being part of the show today, so let us know a bit of your background with associations, some of the work you’ve done with them in the past?

DP: I have been on the Board of Directors as an Executive, and I’ve worked with several boards, and some of them were female executive associations, and most of them were catering towards women.

JT: Fantastic, well walk us through one or two association victories that you’ve had. Some work that you’ve done with an association to help them achieve a major milestone or complete something fantastic. Tell us a little bit about that story.

DP: Absolutely, so let me share a most recent one. There’s an organization where we wanted to showcase different women; entrepreneurs, leaders. And we started out with a magazine and we didn’t have many contributors. We started out with a small outreach, and the best part of it was that it was a group effort. As we started pulling people in, others saw the vision. And it’s not only people in the United States, but we have people from an international community contributing. And now it’s an exclusive magazine and people have a difficult time getting into it. People are reaching out and saying how the articles are giving them hope and inspiring them.

And another one, we were able to help several students get into robotics, so that was definitely a win. Several girls came in not knowing different things, hammering away and knew how to use those machines by the end of the year, so those were a lot of victories, too.

JT: Absolutely, so talk to me a little bit about the magazine. I find it extremely intriguing to get things up and launched, and I know a lot of people today like associations go back and forth discussing whether they should do print or digital only, so tell me a little bit about what you’re seeing in that space for your audience at least.

DP: So what we’re seeing over here is that we have seen our readership go up to 60,000, so the key is that a lot of people are thinking whether you should do digital or print, but we have done both. The best part of digital is that you can still get an experience, but the key is that you’re able to showcase so many different people. And in terms of getting the words out about what we stand for and our vision, the magazine speaks for itself. It’s the quality, and other people talking about your organization.

And like I said, the magazines go into the doctors’ offices in southern California, so over there it’s sitting there and you don’t know who is going to walk into a doctor’s office and so many people have access to it. We feature a lot of different people, and it makes a huge difference. I would recommend going for both, but start out small and continue building.

JT: I agree with you, start small and do high quality stuff. But 60,000 readership is outstanding, that’s substantial.

DP: And that’s been in the span of a year.

JT: So talk to me a little bit about obstacles and barriers you’ve had to overcome as you’ve been getting this publication off the ground. What did you have to work through to get that first piece out there live.

DP: Well of course, as you know it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to get an organization going. So one of the first key things was contributors who would provide quality content. And we were more about providing for other women other than having a pitch-fest, and then setting the tone as to what does the magazine represent, and how will it be laid out.

And another thing is, you would expect leaders to be savvy, but sometimes we would invite leaders to be our covers and we would not be able to get real good pictures. So folks, if you’re out there, if your organization is being represented and that organization is getting on the media, it’s really important to have good headshots. It speaks volumes, and that was just one of the many little things that we faced.

JT: So what I’m hearing you say is, start small but really put the focus on the quality. Just make sure everything is quality.

So let me ask you this: You’ve got it up and you have a good audience, so for our group of association executives here, if they’re considering starting some type of publication, maybe print or maybe digital, are there some tips here to help them jumpstart and get running?

DP: First of all, I would bring on somebody who has done it before, Someone who has been through the pitfalls so you can avoid the same mistakes. The best part is to get someone who has done the work. Another tip I’d like to give, is to get a book written. If you don’t have the bandwidth, because you’ve got a publication and you’re working on that everyday, write the right book. If you write the right book that caters toward your audience, you will get attention.

JT: Absolutely, and I can tell you that from personal experience. Getting that book out there is very important. Divya, maybe I’ll have to bring you back down the road to talk about books, and getting books together. I think especially for a lot of our association executives, that could really separate them from the pack. It could be one of the strongest assets they have in landing that next position.

DP: Well it would be my pleasure.

JT: Well, Divya you have been an amazing guest. Especially owning a communications firm, I love all this talk about communication, I love talking about publications and the print as well as the digital. I’m grateful you were a guest, you’ve given us some great knowledge here. How can people find you?

DP: Well the best way to find me is to visit my website, You can email me, and you can find me on all the social media too. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram too.

JT: You can find all that here to connect with here and have those conversations.

My special gift to you today is a free chapter of my book, Unleashing Your Superpower. Text Persuade to 66866 for a free chapter on Crafting a Simple Message.

Thank you all for listening! I’ll join you next week as we discover another Victory by Association!

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