Victory by Association: Episode 24 | Dan DelBianco

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Dan DelBianco

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is one of our nations premier vintage race events. For 36 consecutive years, Pittsburgh has hosted the largest vintage race event held on city streets where 200,000 spectators flock to Schenley Park to watch 150 racers compete through the stone walled streets. The event has grown into a 10-day motorsport festival that includes car shows, parades, a blacktie gala, a jet center party, a countryside tour and historic races at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to hold a world-class vintage automotive event for charity.Since 1983 this volunteer-driven event has raised over $5 million for the autism and IDD community.

The upcoming 2019 Race Week runs from July 12 thru 21 culminating with our 37th annual vintage races and car shows at Schenley Park on the weekend of July 20/21. Please join us as a volunteer or spectator.

Specialties: Vintage Racing, Cars Shows, Motorsports, Autism

This episode features Dan DelBianco, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association.

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