When Lobbying Fails

When Lobbying Fails

How Granny Flats Surprisingly Changed the Conversation

Format: Half Day Seminar or Breakout

Associations and organizations expend a lot of human and financial capital to influence elected officials to best serve their members. And while this is often a successful endeavor, sometimes, groups must face the fact that influence alone isn’t working, and that squandering valuable resources won’t yield better results. If so, what do you do to deploy the nuclear option?

Meet Granny Flats: A fictitious character that became the voice of reason, united constituents seeking change, and ultimately helped remove three incumbents, filled a vacant seat, re-elected endorsed candidates and even helped to elect a new mayor.

Seem too good to be true? This breakout / seminar walks through the case study of a campaign that has changed the political landscape in one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the nation – and the impact will likely last for a decade to come.

Attendees will leave this interactive, fun presentation with the following skills:

  • How to create campaigns that stand out, get noticed and create results
  • How to craft messaging and imagery that persuades, unifies and spurs action
  • How to communicate with voters effectively using the powerful cocktail of social media, traditional media, direct mail and targeted digital advertising.

While many conferences lack current, creative and impactful breakouts for government relations professionals, this breakout / seminar is sure to create buzz, interest and results for this important segment of associations and organizations.