Presidential Persuasion

Presidential Persuasion

The Future of Leadership in this New decade of
millennial ascendancy, automation and artificial intelligence

Format: Keynote

The new decade ahead brings equal amounts of excitement and uncertainty. For the first time ever, millennials will constitute the largest share of the workforce. Automation and artificial intelligence will become more prominent than ever. And many leaders are ill-equipped to understand these changes.

So, what if understanding the trajectory of the workforce has less to do with futurism or the façade of a crystal ball, and more to do with historical context? The American workforce has faced similar shifts throughout the past century. And, in each shift, one thing has remained constant and has given leadership success: A focus on valuing and leading people.

Presidential Persuasion equips emerging and current leaders, and even those at the pinnacle of their career, with tools to make them successful into the 2020s and beyond by exploring the following:

  • Confidence to lead in an uncertain and new decade by exploring the historical context
  • Concrete tools to lead, through the three P’s: Passion, Perspective and Persistence
  • Inspiration based on the leadership of some of the nation’s most courageous presidents

In a decade that appears to be focused on values external to actual people, this keynote helps leaders return their focus to the people that are around them and offers concrete tools to lead in gap areas – all while inspiring them to make the 2020s their best decade of leadership yet.

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