Persuasive Health Communication


Impacting Patient Experience and Compliance in the Healthcare Setting

Format: Half/Full Day Seminar or Breakout 

Every hospital is judged on patient satisfaction scores that are directly related to patients’ interactions with nurses, doctors, and triage professionals.

Most hospitals are looking to capture market share, and market share is often directly related to patient satisfaction.

The number one reason work teams fail is communications issues.

Because of today’s social media, a patient sharing a negative experience can blow up. If you are competing with other hospitals, bad reports can kill you.

A facility’s healthcare professionals are the front line. It’s important they stay inspired and motivated to help everyone involved, not just the patients. Over time, everyone can get worn down from the day-to-day work and need motivation.

So, imagine the difference once the staff is communicating effectively with patients and each other—all through training on persuasive communications:

  •  Morale is boosted,
  •  Productivity increases,
  •  Teams work together with ease, and
  •  Top talent can be attracted and retained.

Through Jeff’s emotional and powerful story of adopting a baby from Haiti during civil unrest and bureaucratic collapse, he helps healthcare professionals understand the greater good of their work—the butterfly effect. That single flap of a butterfly’s wing that eventually creates a powerful hurricane. Attendees leave inspired and motivated to continue their important work.

Jeff’s story just might be the silver bullet needed to get your HCAHPS score over the next threshold. Patient satisfaction is critical because hundreds of thousands in Medicare reimbursements are on the line with every point gained or lost.