Grassroots Advocacy


Why Are You Leaving Your Strongest Asset on the Table?

Format: Half Day Seminar or Breakout Volatile. Unpredictable. Unsure. You’ve probably heard people using these words when describing today’s political climate. In response to this unprecedented time, some groups are holding back in a ‘wait and see’ mode regarding their legislative action items. However, successful groups aren’t sitting still. Rather, they are evaluating the landscape and solidifying their legislative agendas–while engaging and growing their base of supporters. They are also finding success through their greatest asset: their people. Designed for government relations experts, association executives, elected officials, advocacy groups, and anyone needing to use public opinion to find policy success, the seminar expands thinking and offers actionable solutions. This seminar will explore the following:
  • How to craft persuasive messaging that engages and motivates supporters
  • How to build masses of people for winning strength
  • How to select the perfect tools—like online petitions, emails, town halls, social media, patch through calls, etc.—to bolster the campaign
  • How to integrate campaigns into existing communications channels for maximum power and results
Bonus: Did you know that facing a party of opposition could be one of your best opportunities for capacity building? We’ll unpack this truth in the seminar.