“I want you to win.”

“I want you to win.” — An Excerpt from Unleashing Your Superpower

The following is an excerpt from Jeff’s upcoming book:

I want you to win.

I believe in creating and riding waves. But not just for myself. I love seeing others win. I believe that many of you reading this book have great ideas. You have the calling to change circumstances for great numbers of people. Maybe you lead a nonprofit, are a fundraiser or a politician. Whatever it is you do, you’ll only be successful when you persuade others to join you along your journey.

You’ve probably watched, with admiration, as someone persuades others and ultimately creates a win for everyone involved. I hope you’ve wondered what the the secret sauce is that’s driving this person’s success.  

Maybe it’s the politician that captures her audience.  Banners are raised. People are smiling and cheering. Constituents are motivated and they turn out to vote.

We’ve all seen people like Barack Obama who can stand before an arena of people, inspiring them to feel hope, urging them onward, moving them to tears and compelling them to join him on a journey to bring change. He was able to persuade enough people to come along that he was elected president twice.

On the other hand, you’ve also seen the politician who just can’t quite connect with an audience. Though they seem to want to get behind him, they instead go home scratching their heads. He failed to connect

Maybe you’ve been in a meeting with your CEO. The company is going through a major transition. And although it’s a positive one, you and your colleagues aren’t on board. You feel that the CEO is only out for herself. The message is wrong.

Another CEO facing the same challenge has the entire room on its feet. They’re motivated. They’re excited about the change, and they roll up their sleeves, ready to make it happen.

Maybe it’s the entrepreneur who’s looking for funders. How does he convince them to come along? Maybe it’s your pastor, making a convincing case for salvation.

Here’s some encouragement: Winning through persuasion isn’t for a select few. It’s for anyone who’s willing to hone the right skills and put them to work. It doesn’t take a Barack Obama to stir people into action. Maybe we all can’t move an entire nation, but we all can hone the skills that it takes to determine and better articulate what we say, how we structure it, how we voice it – how we pull people along on a mutually advantageous journey.

Life isn’t a pie with limited slices. Life is a huge buffet, with more dishes being perpetually added.

But you have to want it and be willing to work in a smart manner.”



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