Is Your Team Ready for Success in 2019?

With 2018 hitting the rearview mirror, many companies are asking what they can do to kick off 2019. They recognize that what happens in January sets the trajectory for the year ahead. Have you made plans to motivate your team?

If you haven’t planned an event to kick off the new year, don’t fret. It’s not too late. And Jeff’s story and message could be the silver bullet your team needs.

Consider this:

  • 62% of employees dislike their jobs because of communications issues
  • Companies with poor communications practices are being outperformed up to 3.5 times by their competitors
  • The number one reason teams fail is poor communication
So Jeff’s message matters. And his audacious promise to his audiences is that, as a result of our time together, they will gain the following:
  • An increase in their effectiveness
  • A powerful tool to help reach their goals and dreams
  • A positive impact on their organization or business

As a result of these three improvements, imagine the increase in productivity, morale and ultimately profits, for a company or organization.

Jeff can motivate your team while providing actionable content that helps bring about positive change, both personally and professionally.

Want to book Jeff for your upcoming podcast, event or seminar? Contact us today!

What if you could chose any superpower? What would it be? The ability to fly? Climb buildings? Have laser vision?

In this informative book, Jeff argues that the only superpower anyone needs is the ability to persuade. After all, we all live or die based on our ability to persuade others.

Coming in January.

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