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Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty

What holds you back? Is it fear? You might be afraid to embrace new technology, because you’re set in the old ways. Or maybe it’s uncertainty; uncertainty that you can handle the challenges ahead, or that the direction you’re heading is the right one. I understand that.  Arianna Huffington puts it well: “We need to […]

Who Adopts New Technology and Who Does Not?

For some, new technology is easy to adopt. They thrive on innovation and are always looking for the next big thing. Some people seem more inclined than others to jump on the tech bandwagon and explore new ways of doing things. But is it innate? Many of us are familiar with the various personality tests, […]

Is Your Team Ready for Success in 2019?

Is Your Team Ready for Success in 2019? With 2018 hitting the rearview mirror, many companies are asking what they can do to kick off 2019. They recognize that what happens in January sets the trajectory for the year ahead. Have you made plans to motivate your team? If you haven’t planned an event to […]