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Friday, May 5
2:00PM Eastern Time

Based on his new book, Pixels Are The New Ink, Jeff Tippett shares his secrets to...

    • Generate and distribute content (with very little effort!)
    • Build your audience (even if you have no following now!)
    • Engage your followers (even if you hate talking to people!)

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This webinar is PERFECT for emerging and established business leaders, thought leaders, community activists, or political figures.

You don’t need mass media attention to build your personal brand. And did you know that you could build your influence with virtually no money? Plus, you can build this influence as rapidly as you are willing to invest your time! 

"Jeff is an energetic speaker that connects with his audience and engages with them on their level."
- Anthony

"Jeff shared concrete techniques, and his examples of client success made his remarks come alive. His perspective was much needed and appreciated."
- Jacob

"After his high energy and informative presentation, Jeff left the audience enthusiastic about new possibilities and ready to apply his content to their work."
- Nelle

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About Jeff Tippett

I am an author, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

As a professional speaker, I strive to make a genuine connection with my audience. The most gratifying comments I receive are that I shared solid information and exhibited an infectious energy.

After more than a decade of award-winning work in advertising, marketing and public relations, I launched the public affairs and communications firm, Targeted Persuasion. The firm has established a strong track record, signing local and international clients and helping guide organizations, businesses, and political campaigns to success.

In 2017 I acquired Total Management, a speakers’ bureau representing internationally acclaimed public speakers.

As much as I love my work and community involvement, the ultimate love of my life is my three kids. When I’m not with them or helping my clients win, you can find me working out in the gym, training for half marathons or playing the piano at area venues.