Mindsets On Steroids: A Conversation With Dr. Frank King

In my Mindsets on Steroids blog series, influential leaders share their secrets to help you win by finding your inner desire to change, ignite your passion, and instill life patterns. If what you were doing right now would get you there, you would already be there.

Dr. Frank King is the founder and president of King Bio®, Carolina Bison® and Dr. King’s® Farms. For the past 40 years, Dr. King, a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic as well as an entrepreneur, has tirelessly educated his patients and the public about the benefits of natural healing and living a healthy lifestyle. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and two children where he manages his two businesses. In the interview below, Dr. King tells about his journey from a sickly, scrawny kid to an active and healthy adult with a successful career.

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Tell us a little about your background.

“I am a fourth-generation American farmer. In the early ’70s I attended business school at Youngstown State University for a business management degree. Growing up on a farm, I loved living off the land and nature. I converted our 450 acres into an organic farm back when people thought that was really strange.

“In the early ’70s we were doing this conversion (to organic) and I began to understand the principles of natural health through the process, and all of a sudden got into natural healing with people. So, I went off to chiropractic and naturopathic college and by the late ’70s, began one of the first holistic, integrative natural clinics. We grew and prospered into one of the largest in the country.

“We were focused on healing causes behind people’s’ illness rather than just suppressing symptoms. Through that process we discovered how to awaken healing in people. Our health center was so successful that by the end of my first year we had to hire two more doctors, and through the ’80s we averaged four doctors and 13 therapeutic staff to be able to take care of all the needs of people coming from all over the country… It was really about empowering people to heal.”

Lasting change starts with inner desire. What internal triggers have set change in motion in your life?

“In my fourth year at Youngstown State, I started going away from business classes and started studying philosophy, world history, religions, cultural anthropology, and started learning more about life, about people and what makes people work and I was fascinated. I just started following my own personal passions, not what other people told me I should do.

“The more you seek your passions, the more you find your purpose. When we find our purpose, we find this driving force that gives us greater momentum to reach uncharted territories and discover our real identity. I found that purpose through healing – through empowering others to heal and become whole. I would have never found that if I hadn’t taken the leap from the security of doing business and go down this path that was for me. That is where you’ll find greater fulfillment and meaning in life.”

Passion fuels explosive growth. What ignites your passion?

“Personally, it’s empowering people to walk in their full potential in every aspect of their life.”

Consistent life patterns are often the missing component to greatness. How do you find discipline in your life?

“It’s not about doing more, it’s about being more. It’s about becoming the change. You program that in and that reinforces you for that consistent force that we all need to go higher in life. Those challenges that come forward are really opportunities, and they make us stronger and equip us to fulfill the higher purpose before us.”

What is one result of change, passion, and discipline in your life?

“Living healthy. I was very sickly as a child. When I was four or five years old, they thought I had leukemia. I was a scrawny little kid. There was a trailer park near our farm and there were lots of kids to play with, but I was always the last kid to get picked for football.

“I remember my parents taking me to this doctor who practiced in that trailer park. He lived and practiced in a single-wide trailer and spoke with this Eastern European accent. He found food allergies with me. Just within a few weeks of this diet, I found myself running faster than I ever had in my life. Within a month or two, I remember catching a kick-off in football and running past 20 kids and scoring a touchdown. A transformation had taken place in my life. It was my first realization of seeing that I could change.

“I realized that I didn’t have to be a victim. I learned how to be a victor in life. I shifted from this victim to victor experience. I didn’t allow the weaknesses in me to define who I was.”

You can learn more about Dr. King and how his work can benefit you at www.DrKings.com

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