Jeff Tippett Named to Governor’s Institute Board of Directors

RALEIGH, N.C. (May 4, 2017) – Jeff Tippett has been named to the Board of Directors at the Governor’s Institute on Substance Abuse. Jeff is founder and partner of Raleigh-based public affairs firm, Targeted Persuasion. In addition, Jeff recently acquired Total Management, a curated speaker management firm for an elite group of the world’s most exciting speakers.

Using his background in entrepreneurship, communication and marketing, Tippett is excited to have the honor to contribute to the Governor’s Institute’s mission of improving the health care industry’s approach in treating, identifying and preventing substance abuse. And he is personally connected to this issue having lost a close family member dealing with substance use disorder.

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“It’s an incredible honor to be a leading member of the Governor’s Institute,” says Tippett. “There are so many ways which they contribute to our state: Improving medical school curricula, addressing issues in the veteran’s health system, or spreading knowledge about substance abuse recovery – to be a part of that mission is so important.”

Jeff is not the only one excited about the chance to further the organization’s mission. The Governor’s Institute Executive Director, Sara McEwen, M.D., MPH, is fully aware of what Tippett can bring to the table. “The Governor’s Institute is pleased to announce that Jeff Tippett has joined the Board of Directors,” stated McEwen. “Jeff is deeply embedded in the community and his wide range of contacts and skill working with diverse stakeholders will be a great asset to the Institute.”

About the Governor’s Institute

The Governor’s Institute was founded in 1990 to collaborate with the four major NC medical schools to change how healthcare professionals and providers address substance abuse. Today, the Governor’s Institute is involved in the healthcare community on multiple levels – providing assistance to healthcare education systems, workforce development and collaborating with schools, clinics, and hospitals to address multiple healthcare issues.

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