How To Share More of Your Online Content

(With Very Little Effort)

You want to be an online influencer. You’ve created content. You’ve shared.
But what if you could share on steroids putting your message in front of more eyeballs.

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• A HUGE caution BEFORE you share on multiple platforms

• How to share consistent content on multiple platforms to increase brand exposure

• The SECRET to share more content in less time

jeff tippett

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Jeff Tippett

I’m happiest when making things happen, exploring uncharted territory and connecting people. I experience these pleasures by speaking professionally, leading a communications firm and engaging with my local community. 

After more than a decade of award-winning work in advertising, marketing and public relations, I launched the North Carolina public affairs and communications firm Targeted Persuasion.

I’ve worked political campaigns ranging from municipal to congressional races, led successful ballot initiatives and created and implemented grassroots campaigns designed to shape public policy.

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